Friday, July 3, 2020

What Most Marathoners Won't Tell You

When you speak to marathon runners about their training schedule, they may only tell you about their runs. While training for a marathon, the average runner may run six days a week and over forty miles a week. However, those running sessions are really just the beginning of their training regime. Runners actually need to do a lot more to keep themselves in top notch form.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Runners

Most people love a great massage, but massages can be especially beneficial for runners. A massage promotes flexibility in their muscles, and this is especially important as muscles can become overused and stressed due to the repetitive motions of running. A vigorous massage can also improve a runner's endurance as it helps them to reduce their recovery time after each workout.

Yoga Goes Hand in Hand With Running

Because running is a high impact sport, it can wear on the runner's joints. To minimize the discomfort associated with this, many runners turn to the practice of yoga. Yoga is not just stretching. Yoga is actually a system of movements and breathing exercises that help to increase your cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency. It also increases your musculoskeletal flexibility and your range of motion while simultaneously improving your hand and eye coordination. Because yoga is focused on improving your posture and balance, it is a great compliment for running.

Two of the most critical aspects of yoga as it relates to running are its emphasis on body scans and breathing. The runner who also practices yoga will be more able to easily scan his or her body for tensions or odd positions. Once the runner has completed a body scan, they can easily get into an upright position which makes it easy to control their breaths and keep running.

Weight Training for the Runner

Just as yoga is helpful for running because it promotes a strong core, weight training can also be used to promote a strong core. Most runners with proper form claim that they feel their running workouts in their quads and their core. Weight training can be used to help improve these two areas, but it can also be used to correct any other muscular imbalances or weaknesses. By lifting weights regularly, runners increase their endurance for the running trails, and they help to reduce any fatigue that they may feel as a result of running.

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